Tuesday, 23 March 2010

52 mini interviews: Cathy Cullis

Name: Cathy Cullis
Location: London / Surrey
Age: 40

How would you describe your work?
I'm a poet as well as a visual artist, so my mixed media work is about making visual poems. I like to explore word and image, personal experience, line and texture. I'm often working on several different projects at the same time.

What are you currently working on?
Current obsessions are making folding mixed media books and exploring natural dyes on fabric. I'm also working on a new collection of poems, so these ideas are playing together and one thing leads to another.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I'm inspired by an interest in literature, women's lives, the work of primitive and outsider artists, medieval art, spirituality, Victorian obsessions with ghosts, nature.... I studied both English and Art at university and the work I looked into during that time has continued to inspire. I also enjoy visiting as many current art exhibitions as I can get to.

3 artists/designers you love and why! :

'outsider artist' Madge Gill - I wrote my undergrad dissertation on Madge Gill (along with other outsiders) and her mesmerizing style has certainly impressed me. My own great-grandmother was a spiritualist medium, so I am very interested in Gill's spirit-inspired work.

Nina Bagley is an amazing, supportive friend and artist who has encouraged me greatly. I admire her use of materials in her jewellery making, her subtle use of word, texture and colour.

I really admire Cornelia O'Donovan's illustration and artwork. She is a fab artist and I have several of her prints in my home. Her work makes me smile. I like it's freshness and humour.

3 things that make you smile:
my children - I have two school-age children who are my best critics and tell it like it is!
a good phrase in a poem - you know the kind you wish you wrote yourself!
spring flowers especially auriculas - I collect auriculas, I am a bit of a collector

Do you have any other upcoming exhibitions/shows etc:
Next I'm working on a collaborative book project with a group of other artists - more details on my blog later.
I've got work currently at The Edge Gallery, Lancaster.
Also my work is to be featured in a US magazine this Summer - more details on that to follow also!

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