Wednesday, 7 April 2010

52 - it's all over!

want more pictures?

We're back! The show was SO much fun - thanks to everyone who turned out for the private view ( and the daytimes following) Installing the show was slightly overwhelming to start - where to begin? It was exciting searching through, hanging, re hanging, and finally stepping back once it was all up - thankfully it all fitted in and (we think) looked wonderful!

Here's some links to a few bits and own little post, inky goodness (already posted on the blog by dave bain) a post by kirsty hall who created a piece '52 drawings for claire and camilla' especially for the show and installed it over an epic two days! Susan did some interviews with both me and camilla over on here blog too!

We'll keep updating throughout the week with more pictures and bits from the show!


  1. Well done Claire for pulling this post together! I'm still recovering I think.

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