Thursday, 1 April 2010

Inkygoodness Review of 'Fifty-two'

Calm Air All Ice presents 'Fifty-two'

Calm Air All Ice is a collaborative project between artists Claire Platt and Camilla Stacey and hats off to them, as they've put on a remarkable exhibition fitting 52 illustrators & artists into the smallest gallery of Bristol. Running only until Saturday 3rd April (Noon - 4pm (5.30pm: Sat. only)) the show comprises of up to three pieces each, from the represented image-makers.

Carefully and sensitively hung, the curators lead the viewer on a lively journey around the enclosed space. It's quite the showcase of some of Claire and Camilla's favourite artists, which is reflected in the enthusiasm behind the associated blog, mini-interviews and overall promotion of this exhibit. The windows are adorned with intriguing constructed work, from delicate strung together drawings, to fragile and beautiful 3D sculptural work.

You are then led through a set of pieces all created on unusual surfaces or in unusual ways: dinner trays, odd bits of wood (Amanda Blake's piece caught my eye right away), rounded fabric frames, old photos and woolen sculptures (Claire Platt's own work). Genevieve Dionne has included three of her woodburnt pieces, featuring her twisted versions of creatures - a delight to see in real life.

(Genevieve Dionne)

Bjorn Lie's enormous print starts off the next wall, which continues this snapshot of contemporary illustration. Prints, detailed drawings and semi-abstract art all sit comfortably together, some pieces left open to interpretation, while others, like "Beware Of Yellow Snow" (Dave Bain) are out to amuse.

(Dave Bain)

The final side of 'room 212' is covered with primarily unframed work, ranging from very immediate sketches and photo collage work to the lively colours of Peskimo prints, Debbie Hill's cut-outs, Patrick Gildersleeves oriental based work and Lizzie Stewart's stunning drawings, just to pick out a few.

(Patrick Gildersleeves)

It is remarkable. A brilliant show, with work already selling. If you are in Bristol and have a chance to see it, don't miss out!

(words: Dave Bain on behalf of Inkygoodness)

(Various photos from the opening evening)


  1. The show looks like a great success- congratulations!
    Annamaria :)

  2. Thanks Dave! Awesome post. I love the photo of me going 'this big' or something along those lines.

  3. Yeah, that made me laugh! It's a super show

  4. Wow, what a great review :-)

  5. great review and photos!
    psst: how big WAS it?

  6. thanks for sharing the review and photos! almost as good as being there... damn that big pond! congrats, ladies!