Monday, 22 February 2010

fifty-two: we want your photos!

In anticipation of the upcoming Calm Air All Ice exhibition 'Fifty-Two' we are on the hunt for photographs of the number '52.' What we're secretly hoping for is that one of the 52 artists involved will in fact live at 52, but perhaps we will not be so lucky, maybe you live at 52? or your parents? or a wonderful neighbour? or your bestest friend?

We want your photographs of all things 52, be it a door number, a random sign, your kids number blocks, etc! Get creative - find a 52 and your photograph could be used on the flyers and posters for the exhibition!

If you want to submit your photograph please email it to:
claireelizabethplatt (at) hotmail (dot) com
by Sunday February 28th 2010

After this we will be holding a poll and all will be welcome to pick their favourite 52 for the exhibition!

Get snapping!


  1. i live at 52a!!! does that count?

  2. !!!!! that does indeed count! I am ridiculously excited about that! Please take a picture!

  3. i'm just waiting for the sun to come out! :-)

  4. hhehe! and i live at 52 E!! the E is missing, though...

  5. do we probably live in the same street?! ;)