Monday, 18 May 2009

As Claire said in her post- the weather yesterday was horrible, it was pretty horrible again today- I hope it's not like this all week. Here's a few of my photos from yesterday's installation.

room 212

A brief break in the rain let me pop outside and take an 'almost finished' photo

Claire in the window while torrential rain falls outside

then it's back to torrential rain, while Claire hangs hankies in the window

plane formation

One of Claire's plane formations

part of my wall

part of my selection- screen prints, embroidery and a whole lot of hankies.


  1. Good to see images of your work Camilla in the gallery setting again....will pop along on Friday morning to have a look and cheer you on in this awful weather we are having. Kate Parsons

  2. May i know anyhow i could buy Claire's plane formations if i am not in UK?
    My girl used to be a flight attendant and i think this would be a great present for her!

  3. this exhibition looks delightful.
    Your and Claire's work both look really nice together.

  4. or have I got it wrong? Is it all your work?

  5. Hi Debbie- this was me and Claire's work- Claire does the knitting, I do the stitching!