Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A sort of introduction to the Calm Air All Ice blog

(I don't know what's going on with the crazy formatting in the post down below, but hopefully it's just when I look at it and you can see it nice and clearly...)

We set this blog up as a way of documenting our progress towards the show, and to provide somewhere for us to direct people who won't be able to come and see the show 'in real life'- nearer the time we will be listing work for sale, and hope that this blog will act as an archive of our experience working together.

Both Claire and I keep blogs elsewhere and have found the internet and the blogging community to be invaluable to the way we make our work, and our networks, and it feels natural to be setting up a blog for this show.

'Calm Air All Ice' started as an idea Claire had for us to show together, following on from our exhibition with Cindy Jaswal at the here gallery in 2007. Our work is different and yet the same, we are both inspired by similar things and share a reverence for vintage fabrics and traditional craft techniques. We plan that 2009 will be our year for global domination, starting with this little show...


  1. Its an anagram of your names!!! woo!!!

    Sorry .. I know its obvious but I only JUST got it ...

    World domination!!! Woo!!!

  2. ah-ha! For some strange reason it's taken me ages to discover this comment, but yes you are right- we put our names into an on-line anagram maker and this is one that came out.